Fastest Internet

We guarantee fastest speeds for the package you buy

Reliable Internet

With Edgetel, you will forget all frustrations of unreliable connections.

Affordable Internet

Our prices are the best considering that our connections are VERY reliable.
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Internet Connection

Fibre optic internet is an extremely reliable, flexible, ultra high-speed broadband internet service with the same speeds for uploads and downloads. Get connected today.

CCTV Installation

Secure your home/business with latest-technology CCTV cameras and networks! You can even view in color even at night.

Website Development

Do you need a stunning and professional website? Welcome, we have very talented web designers and engineers.

PABX Services

We deploy as well as maintain office telephone, switchboards, VoIP telephony and PABX Services

Networking Services

We design and build reliable and secure computer networks either locally or over wide areas.

Wide Area Networks

We provide a private and secure way to connect all of your business locations, delivering the right connectivity for the right applications at the right locations.


Ksh 2,500

Home Package(3 MBPS)

Suitable for moderate internet surfing, Youtube videos, emails and ordinary downloadloads.

KSh. 3,500

Home Package(5 MBPS)

This is suitable for homes needing heavy browsing like gaming, Netflix Videos, heavy downloads etc.

Ksh 3,000

Business Package(3 MBPS)

Suitable for a small office with upto 10 devices doing moderate surfing, emails, and skype.

Ksh 6,000 Ksh 5,000 Sale!

Business Package(5 MBPS)

This a package designed for heavy browsing in a small office.

Special limited offer for fibre connection discount 10%

Ksh. 10,000 Connection Fee

What Our Customers Say



Edgetel provides us with internet connection as well as office networking. They are very reliable.


I wish I knew Edgetel Technology and Networks earlier. I highly recommend them to you.

Software Developer

Edgetel internet is VERY reliable and also reasonably priced. Having used other ISP's, I can authoritatively say, "Edgetel is the best"

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